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Requirements for Financing:
1. Have Job for 1 month
2. Have Traditional bank account for 1 month
Note: Prepaid cards doesn't qualify

Down Payment:
$49 fee to take home furniture, doesn't go toward purchase price. Needs to fill in credit card/ debit card information during application. It will not charge the card when you apply for a preapproval. It's all FREE for applying. Only charges $49 when we get the consent from you to generate the contract to use the credit toward the purchase.

How much will you get preapproved for?
Usually it's up to 50% of your gross income before tax.

1. Fill out everything on application before submitting.
2. Please verify your social security number, banking account number and credit card/debt card number(they don't charge anything for preapproval, $49 will be taken out from card if you wanted to use the preapproved credit that you got later when we generate the contract for you.
3. Use the address that you will be moving into which is where the furniture will be delivering to.

Credit Check?
There's no credit check! They only need your personal information to verify who you are and verify your income in the bank activities to see if you could afford the payments.

Early Buyout Option ($25 fee to get out in 90 days)
You could pay off everything within 90 days to not pay interest. Once you go beyond 90 days, you will be obligated to pay the full term which you sign up for whether it's 12 or 18 months, which usually will be double or more in the purchase price.

Biweekly or monthly payments:
Whether you will be making biweekly or monthly payments depends on the frequency of how you get paid. For example: if you get paid biweekly, your payments will be biweekly and vice versa.

Apply Via the links below.
Please apply with West Creek first, then Merchants Preferred
If you are denied, try Crest Financial.

Merchants Preferred
Merchants Preferred
Crest Financial



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